10% of every sale goes to save the strays!
10% of every sale goes to save the strays!
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Chicago Winters

Winter is on its way and I typically do not look forward to the cold. I live in Chicago, where it seems the winters will last forever.

The first winter I moved here, I was exhausted every day.  Towards the end of winter, I found out why.  I was vitamin D deficient. I had not received enough sunlight from staying inside as much as possible. 

After adopting Annabelle and taking her on daily walks, I realized these walks were actually helping me! I felt more energized and I was no longer Vitamin D deficient. Now I love to run around with Annabelle and play in the snow. 

It takes a lot to care for a sick pup but she gives so much back.  Getting outside and moving around is just one of the many healthy benefits to having a pup.



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