10% of every sale goes to save the strays!
10% of every sale goes to save the strays!
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Tawny's Story

Tawny was a breeder pup and was adopted by Michelle after that life. Shocking news came soon after her adoption.


She found out Tawny had mammary cancer that had spread to her lymph nods. She had to have major surgery and chemo. Thankfully now Tawny has been cancer free for nearly 3 years!!

The one message Michelle and Tawny want for all fellow pet owners is that this is very preventable!! If pups are spayed before their first time in heat or even by 1 year in age it will majorly reduce the risk that this will happen for your pup. Learn the facts and save more pups!

Thank you Michelle and Tawny for sharing your story to help! #Savethestrays



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