10% of every sale goes to save the strays!
10% of every sale goes to save the strays!
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Valentine's Day is all about Puppy Love

Let's talk about how to save the strays this Valentine's Day!

Here are some of the best ways we can help stray animals.

1) Volunteering

You can spend quality time with the shelter animals and learn their needs, get involved in training so they can learn important skills, and introduce them to potential new families.
Also, taking them outside for exercise will help them expend their energy and is very helpful to shelter pups and the shelter staff.

2) Fostering

Bringing a shelter pet into your home is invaluable in so many ways. Of course they will bring joy into your home! They will also learn appropriate home behaviors. You will then be able to give the shelter information about the pet that may help lead to adoption. One of the best parts of fostering is saving other strays. While this pup is in your home you help make room in the shelter for another pup to be rescued!!

3) Donating

If you do not have the free time to volunteer and you cannot open up your home to a pet at this time, donating is another great way to help these animals in need.
The animals we showcase every week are just a small sample of all the animals out there that are sick and in need of our help. Donating any amount to help with their lifesaving medical bills is such an impactful way to get involved and help the rescue community. 

Want to get involved in any of these ways? Reach out at rachel@thestraystitch.com. We would love to chat about getting you involved in a nearby animal rescue and helping everyone spread the love this Valentine's Day.

Stay tuned for our next Medical Case Monday!!

Lets all #savethestrays



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